FullView for Sales Professionals

FullView helps sales professionals spend less time prospecting and researching, so that they can spend their time closing more profitable deals.

Prospecting & Research

FullView allows sales professionals to identify and research their best prospects in a fraction of the time it takes them today. Search, filter, sort, and export targeted lists of companies from our database of 1.6 million, or simply let FullView automatically deliver prospects to you while you are out closing deals.

Lead Qualification

FullView helps sales professionals qualify leads by providing a full picture of the lead in a fraction of the time it takes them today. By mining data sets about your leads that range from estimated revenues to product selection, we help sales teams qualify leads more accurately and in less time.

Account/Market Monitoring

Stop manually researching and keeping tabs on current accounts, competitors, and the market in general. FullView aggregates and analyzes news and market activity to keep you up-to-date on relevant information about your customers, competitors, trends, and more. FullView is your market analyst.


Advanced Search

When it comes to finding the right customer, or account, you need more than just the ability to search by Industry or Name.

Search Companies by:
  • Company Size & Financials
  • Product Features & Categories
  • Manufacturing and Marketing
  • Pricing & Retail
  • Materials & Fabrics


One minute you spend on FullView today, is an hour you don't have to spend prospecting in the future. We recommend prospects based on your best customers.

We identify prospects for you based on:
  • Current Customers/Accounts
  • Your platform interactions
  • Your goals and objectives
  • Your target customers

Contact Database

Once you are ready to reach out to the right prospects, we have thousands of emails and phone numbers for top decision makers.

Contact Data:
  • Name
  • Title
  • Direct Number
  • Email Address
  • and more...
Phase One:
Prospect by Ideal Client

You know what your best clients have in common. FullView lets you put that data to work. Search and filter by the company parameters you know your best customers have in common: location, size, revenues, vision, and more, to find the companies that are most likely to need your services.

Prospect by Manufacturing Expertise

Easily identify the companies that are selling the products you are an expert at making. Search and filter by product data like: product features, category, pricing, materials and fabrics, technology, styles, country of origin, and more to find companies that will be impressed by your past work.

Phase Two:
Company Signals

With FullView, you don't have to be in our platform to be prospecting. What do we mean? Well, FullView will monitor your prospects for you, and will basically give you a gentle shoulder nudge when an account you are tracking has important news that makes it a likely candidate to need your services.

Immediate Insights

Traditionally, when you find a quality prospect, the work has just begun. At that point, you have to spend too many minutes, or even hours, learning about that specific account. Prospecting with FullView means you have immediate insights on any company you want to learn about. Insights like: their vision, pricing, products, retail partners, and more.

Phase Three:
Make Contact
Accurate Contact Data

When you are ready to send an email or make a call, you need the right contact data and you need it for the right decision makers at each account. Not just one isolated person, but the whole chart of stakeholders that need to be nurtured for a prospect to turn into a client. We've got the most contact data for deal makers in the fashion industry.

The Right Content

Emails and calls, in today's sales industry, need to be more personalized than ever before. Sales teams need to really know how they can add value to their prospects and how to create trust quickly. How do you connect with someone in a matter of a few sentences? With FullView, you have immediate access to insight about the recipient to help you connect with him or her immediately.

Phase Four:
Close Deals
The Data to Craft Better Deals

Have the right data in front of you when you are ready to craft the right deal to close a sale. FullView gives you a look into the prospect's estimated revenues, retail accounts, product assortment, product categories, pricing, and more. Data so you craft a deal that makes perfect sense for everyone.